Closure of SOP IEC 2007-2013

Closure of SOP IEC 2007-2013

Starting with December 2016, ACZ Consulting is providing the Ministry of European Funds with technical assistance services for the preparation of the closure package for the SOP IEC 2007-2013 ERDF Programme. Within the contract, that will have a duration of 5 months, the team of ACZ Consulting will provide to the MA of the Programme support for the drafting of the Final Implementation Report of the Programme and of the Final Declaration of expenditure foreseen in EC Regulation no. 1083/2006.

The activities to be implemented by ACZ Consulting will serve to collect and verify the indicators of the SOP IEC 2007-2013, as well as the final financial data that will be included in the Final Report of Implementation of the Program, to be submitted to the European Commission, according to regulations.

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