Andrea Floria - General Director

Poza-site-Andrea-2 With a Master degree in Political Sciences and with a dissertation in EU Law, Andrea has been working in the field of EU Structural funds for more than 18 years. As a civil servant in public administration and as a consultant in Technical Assistance projects, he has been covering key positions in the management systems of ERDF and ESF, with a particular experience in the sector of co-financed aids to enterprises, economic conversion and public infrastructures.

After more than 12 years in several positions of responsibility in the Italian public administration , both at central and local level, Andrea has worked as a consultant in several EU or accessing countries, extending his ability to compare different styles and traditions in organizing the management systems of public funded interventions.

After he joined ACZ in 2010, Romania has become, for more than 5 years now, his main working environment.

Teacher of a 6-credits course in Structural Funds at the University of Florence between 2004 and 2015, Andrea  is also one of the most appreciated professional trainers in management and control procedures for Managing Authorities and Intermediate bodies, providing regular trainings addressed to public professionals dealing with the management of EU financial resources, in all Europe.

E-mail: andrea.floria@aczconsulting.ro

Carmen Ciocîrlan - Economic Director

Poza-site-Carmen-1Carmen is the Economic Director of ACZ Consulting, being also the financial responsible of different projects and contracts implemented by the company. Within projects funded through ESF, Carmen was responsible primarily for developing, managing and verifying the economic and financial documents.

Having bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering and Economics, also considering her vast knowledge in cost-benefit analysis and economic forecasts, Carmen is involved as expert in economic analysis in various regional studies and strategies (for example regarding smart specialization or agriculture) and is an expert in financial evaluation of projects funded through structural funds for various national Operational Programmes. Last but not least, Carmen is a certified trainer in various business related courses.

E-mail: carmen.ciocirlan@aczconsulting.ro

Cristina Cojoacă - Department European Programmes and Projects, Director

poza-site-Cristina-1Cristina graduated the Faculty of Social Sciences (International Relations and European Studies) and has a master degree in National and Euroatlantic Security. With an extensive experience in the non-corporate environment and with a considerable expertise in the corporate sector, Cristina developed solid leadership skills and successfully coordinated several teams, contracts or projects. Up to this moment, she directly coordinated and effectively implemented more than 10 contracts awarded to ACZ Consulting, which addressed different types of beneficiaries such as local, regional or national (ministries) public authorities.

Through the acquired working experience, Cristina is specialized in areas such as: management of EU funded projects; European programs and projects evaluation; elaboration of studies in various fields (tourism, innovation, marketing etc.), local and regional development strategies and impact assessments; delivering and organizing professional training sessions on different topics (entrepreneurship, communication, equal opportunities etc.); communication, organization of thematic working groups and informal trainings.

E-mail: cristina.cojoaca@aczconsulting.ro

Irina Ciocîrlan - Department Consultancy and Technical Assistance, Director

Poza-site-Irina-4As an economist specialized in regional development and european funding, Irina has been involved in numerous projects and contracts, financed through EU funds in the 2007-2013 programming period.

Irina has a vast experience in management and monitoring, overseeing more than 20 contracts implemented by the company in the last 4 years, most of which contracted by regional and national authorities. Her main focus is programme and project evaluation, being involved in the ex-ante evaluations of the NRDP and OPFMA 2014-2020 of Romania and also in the evaluation of project applications submitted within ROP and SOP IEC 2007-2013 - as financial evaluator.

Irina has an important experience related to public administration and strategic planning by actively participanting to the drafting of national studies and regional strategies with various thematics like administrative simplification, quality management instruments, smart specialization, business environment, agriculture and rural environment, tourism.

E-mail: irina.ciocirlan@aczconsulting.ro

Roxana Diaconu - Department Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Poza-site-Roxana-2Having graduated the Faculty of Social Sciences, Roxana is interested in the process of sustainable development of the communities and improvement of the economic and social problems of them.With over 2 years experience in the field of European structural funds, Roxana was involved in several contracts of programme evaluation, especially in the activities of qualitative and quantitative analysis (ex-ante evaluation of OPFMA 2014-2020, evaluation of the principles of gender equality and non discrimination at the level of the Romania-Hungary Programme, impact evaluation of ROP).

Roxana also contributed to the development of studies and strategies contracted by local and regional public administration, actively participating in the process of strategic planning and consulting of key stakeholders. As project director or project assistant, Roxana was responsible for coordinating and organizing the activities under different contracts/projects, contributing to their effective implementation.

E-mail: roxana.diaconu@aczconsulting.ro

Rebeca Nistor - Department Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Poza-site-Rebeca-2Rebeca graduated from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in business administration. Her primary areas of interest are focused on the quantitative and qualitative analysis and research of economic, social and public institutional phenomena.

As an expert within the Consultancy and Technical Assistance Department, Rebeca has been actively involved in the evaluation of programmes and projects financed through EU funds, such as the ex-ante evaluation of OPFMA 2014-2020, the impact evaluation of different key areas of intervention of ROP 2007-2013 and the evaluation of horizontal principles regarding gender equality and non-discrimination within the CBC Programme Hungary-Romania and Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary.

In addition to this, Rebeca has actively participated, as a member of the research team, to the elaboration of local and regional strategies, studies and analysis drafted for the public administration institutions.

E-mail: rebeca.nistor@aczconsulting.ro

Adelina Iliescu - Department European Programmes and Projects

poza-AdelinaAdelina is specialized in International Economic Relations, graduating The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The Master studies, which are still undergoing, are realized within the Faculty of Entrepreuneurship, Business Engineering and Management, at the Polytehnic University of Bucharest. So far, Adelina has gained experience in the economic field, being involved in different types of activities related to the accountancy and marketing fields.

Since the moment she started her activity in the department of European Programs and Projects within ACZ Consulting, Adelina has been involved in the management and organization of the contracts, in the organization of different events, being responsible with the administrative aspects related to the implementation of the contracts.

The future perspectives of Adelina in ACZ Consulting are to gain as much theoretical and practical knowledges as she can, in the field of Programs and Projects financed by the European Founds and to develop a career in this field.

E-mail: adelina.iliescu@aczconsulting.ro

Tiberiu Nitu - Department Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Imagine TIBIBeing a bachelor graduate of the International Business and Management Studies and having a master’s degree in Finance and Business Administration, Tiberiu`s area of expertise relates to the financial - economic analyses, with an emphasize on multicultural – international dimension.As part of the Consultancy and Technical Assistance team, Tiberiu has been involved in the implementation of several contracts concerning State Aid Specialized Assistance or Programme Evaluations, as well as in drafting local and regional strategies and studies. His activity includes qualitative and quantitative analyses, organizational/administrative procedures and collection of primary and secondary data.

E-mail: tiberiu.nitu@aczconsulting.ro