ACZ Consulting offers an extensive expertise in delivering professional services for elaborating sectorial, regional or national strategies, studies and analysis able to substantiate public administration  policies.

The following are some of the services that we provide in this area:

    • Elaboration of integrated urban development plans;
    • Development of national sectorial strategies;
    • Elaboration of local sustainable development strategies and strategies for regional development;
    • Development of cost-benefit analysis for various kinds of investments;
    • Market research and elaboration of marketing studies;
    • Sociological research studies, both at national and local level;
    • Development of economic and social studies and analysis covering a wide range of themes.

These services are provided through our teams of both internal and external consultants, covering all the relevant domains of expertise, and with a large experience in the analysis of social, economic and institutional phenomena.

Our company has contributed to the strategic planning of all the level of governance, for both the 2007-2013 programming period and for the 2014-2020 period.

We have delivered strategies in all the most important fields of policy, like for example:

  • smart specialization;
  • simplification and quality systems in Public Administration;
  • tourism promotion and development;
  • local and regional economy;
  • competitiveness of SMEs;
  • agriculture;
  • rural environment;
  • minorities.

Some of the strategies and studies drafted by ACZ Consulting have been made public by the clients and a few examples can be consulted by accesing the links below:

We are committed to offer high quality services to our clients by bringing along not only a set of advanced methodological techniques, but also a critical and in-depth thinking and timely effective response that drives to a successful collaboration.

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