Europe wide, ACZ Consulting provides support and assistance to Public Administration to comply with the EU legislation on State aid.

Our staff has developed, both in their positions within central public administration and as technical assistance consultants, a deep knowledge of the EU legislation and caselaw in the field, as well as of the national State aid related institutional and legislative systems.

Moreover, we can count on an established network of external experts with experience in State aid in specific domains (agriculture, transport, financial instruments, etc.).

ACZ Consulting has developed a relevant experience in the setting up of aid schemes to enterprises, in the establishment of State aid related procedures in the management of public funding programmes and in the introduction of State aid aspects in the procedures of project selection, monitoring and control.

Our expertise covers, among others, the following domains:

  • assessment of the State aid relevance of a public funding measure;
  • procedures for the notification to the European Commission of measures representing State aid;
  • setting up of aid schemes and individual aids within the De minimis, GBER and SGEI EU disciplines;
  • State-aid related project assessment;
  • establishment of State aid related guidelines and manuals for Public Administration managing public funding programmes;
  • monitoring and control of State aid relevant interventions.

Our assistance is available also to beneficiaries of public funding (companies, NGOs, universities, etc.) that need guidance in the compliance with State aid rules and/or in the implementation of State aid related project management procedures.