Thematic studies on the development of the South-East Region

Thematic studies on the development of the South-East Region

In April 2019 ACZ Consulting started the implementation of two new contracts for the elaboration of thematic studies concluded with the South East Regional Development Agency in Romania for a 6-month implementation period.

The first study focuses on the “Evolution of the economic development in the South-East Region” and contributes to the substantiation of the strategic planning process for the development of the South-East Region for the programming period 2021-2027, by analyzing the current status of the business sector, the evolution of the economic development of the region and the impact of the investments realized in the last 10 years.

The second study on the “Marginalized Communities and Poverty Level in the South-East Region” aims at identifying and mapping marginalized communities in the region, offering an overview of the current situation and of the measures / recommendations addressing the needs of the inhabitants of these areas.

In order to elaborate the two sociological studies and for achieving the proposed objectives, ACZ Consulting will use various data collection methods, based on the available statistical data sources at the level of the region, as well as on the application of the questionnaires to relevant key actors in each specific field

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