ACZ Consulting provides integrated consultancy services in the field of funding opportunities, from EU, Romanian government and other funding sources, for a large range of potential applicants, in all stages of the project life cycle.

The integrated consultancy services include:

  • Consultancy and assistance in project design and preparation stage:
    • needs analyses;
    • identifying the funding sources;
    • building project partnerships;
    • Proposal development (preparation and elaboration of technical, financial and socio-economic documents):
      • business plan, the market studies and the feasibility studies;
      • socio-economic analysis and other type of analysis required by the funding programme: Gantt, CBA, financial forecasts, feasibility studies etc;
      • application form;
    • annexes to the application form.
  • Consultancy and assistance in project evaluation and selection stage:
    • answer  the requests for clarification;
  • Consultancy and assistance in project implementation stages:
    • administrative and financial management of the project (elaboration of management procedure, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of activities, results and indicators; communication with the IB/ MA / beneficiary and other stakeholders/ providers; following and consideration of  the instructions published  by the Management Authority of the Programme,  coordinating the partnership, quality control, etc.)
    • preparation and implementation of the acquisition/ procurement procedures; consultancy  in the contracting phase; management of the acquision dossiers
    • preparation of application dossiers for Payment/ Reimbursement claims and answer the requests of clarification
  • Consultancy and assistance in project closure stage:
    • Drafting and submission of final reports (technical and financial)
    • Communication and dissemination of project results
  • Consultancy and assistance in the post-implementation stage:
    • Assistance in ensuring the sustainability of the projects results, in the mandatory period, envisaged in the financing programme.
    • Assistance in preparation of the documents  required for the post-implementation monitoring
    • Enhancing the client funding strategy and position



ACZ Consulting has an experience of over 5 years in providing consultancy services for accessing funding opportunities and implementing projects. ACZ Consulting has provided consultancy services for investement projects within the following programs: SOP ICE 2007-2013, ROP 2007-2013, De minimis aid for SMEs, SOP HRD 2007-2013.

The expertise and the consulting services offered by ACZ Consulting covers the following areas:

  • SMEs development/innovation in the construction, production and services sectors;
  • Agriculture and rural development;
  • Renewable energy and environment;
  • Education;
  • Social and health services and infrastructure;
  • Culture;
  • Turism;
  • ICT;
  • ICD;
  • Administrative capacity
  • Technical assistance


ACZ Consulting provides assistance for the preparation of funding application for the following funding programms/instruments:

Operational programmes 2014-2020

  • Regional Operational Programme - ROP 2014-2020
  • Competitiveness Operational Programme - COP 2014-2020
  • Human Capacity Operational Programme - HCOP 2014-2020
  • Aid for Disadvantages People Operational programme - ADOP (2014-2020)
  • Large Infrastructure operational programme - LIOP 2014-2020
  • Technical Assistance Operational Programme - TAOP 2014-2020
  • Administrative capacity Operational Programme - ACOP 2014-2020
  • National Rural Development Programme- NRDP 2014-2020
  • Operational programme for Fisheries - OPF 2014-2020

Cooperation programmes 2014-2020

  • Interreg VA Programme Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020
  • Joint Operational Programme Romania – Republic of Moldova 2014 – 2020
  • Joint Operational Programme Romania - Ukraine 2014 – 2020
  • Interreg – IPA CBC Romania- Serbia 2014 – 2020
  • The Interreg Romania-Hungary 2014-2020 Programme 2014 – 2020
  • “Black Sea” CBC Programme 2014 – 2020
  • Hungary- Slovakia –Romania – Ukraine - ENPI CBC Programme 2014 – 2020
  • INTERACT III 2014 – 2020
  • Interreg - “Danube” Transnational Programme 2014 – 2020
  • ESPON 2020

Governamental programmes/ Minimis schemes 2015

  • State aid scheme of the Department for SMEs, Turism and Business Environment
  • State aid scheme under  the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2015-2020
  • State aid schemes of the Ministry of Finance
  • Annual Programme of the Department of politics for Relations with Romanian Diaspora
  • Financing programme of the National Cultural Fund Administration

European Programmes

  • Horizon 2020
  • Erasmus +  
  • Life+ 
  • Creative Europe 2014-2020 (Culture& Media Sub-programmes)
  • Europe for citizens

Other programmes

  • Central Europe 2020
  • Norwegian Financial Mechanism
  • EEA Grants
  • Swiss Romanian Cooperation Programme
  • Twinning Programme