ACZ Consulting offers management consulting services for a variety of projects by assisting its clients (public or private entities) to proper implement their projects and to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management. In these terms, ACZ Consulting gives its clients an adequate level of professionalism, by providing the necessary leadership and management tools, resources and knowledge that enables the achievement of project objective and results and/or the implementation of the organizations’ strategy.

In delivering quality project management services, ACZ Consulting relies on a vast experience gained by implementing a large spectrum of projects, on its knowledge of the “programme level” needs and expectations, on a multidisciplinary team of experts and collaborators and on methodologies, procedures and processes that are robust and which enable control, governance and transparency from the inception to the completion of the project.

One of the main keys to successful project management is information, that’s why ACZ Consulting pays a special attention to get informed, to ensure the accuracy of data collected and reported and to maintaining a permanent communication with all the relevant actors involved in project implementation.


Understanding the project specificity and financial conditions

  • Considerations of the project related terms and conditions
  • Checking project feasibility


Project preparation and organization of the logistic aspects

  • Project planning
  • Human resources and tasks assignment
  • Drafting/checking the management procedures
  • Materials and logistics overview
  • Financial planning


Project execution and monitoring

  • Administrative and financial management of the project
    • Activities implementation
    • Communication with the IB/ MA /CA/ beneficiary and other stakeholders/ providers
    • Following and consideration of  the instructions published  by the Management Authority of the Programme
    • Ensuring the project compliance with the financing rules and legislation in force
    • Tasks and resources  management/coordination
    • Partnership coordination
    • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of activities, results and indicators
    • Updating project progress
    • Reporting project status
    • Financial management and monitoring
    • Risk and time management
    • Quality control
  • Public procurement procedures
    • preparation and implementation of the procurement procedures
    • contracting the services, works/ acquisition of the goods
    • contracts management
    • monitoring and reporting the procurement procedures
    • quality control of the services, works and/ or goods procured within the project
  • Payment/ Reimbursement claims
    • Preparation of application dossiers for Payment/ Reimbursement claims
    • Answer the requests  for clarification
  • Institutional capacity building
    • Transfer of know-how to the CA personnel


Project completion and results delivery

  • Project audit
  • Drafting and submission of  final reports (technical and financial)
  • Communication and delivery  of project results
  • Delivery of  the project archive and database


Project sustainability

  • Guidance in ensuring the sustainability of the projects results, in the mandatory period, envisaged in the financing programme.



ACZ has an experience of over 4 years in delivering quality project management services for more than 15 clients and 22 contracts in 2 different countries. We provide management services for a full spectrum of project from bridge, roads, recreation infrastructure, entrepreneurship, institutional and administrative capacity development to training, research and modernization of the productive activity of the company.



We aim at providing the highest standards of project management, involving experienced project managers and using proper procedures and processes tailored to meet client needs, obtaining business benefits and achieving projects results and objectives whilst delivering the projects at the proper parameters of time, cost and quality.


In order to ensure quality of the services delivered and find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution, ACZ Consulting is working alongside its clients and maintain a permanent communication with all the actors involved in project implementation by providing and/or requesting all the information and deliverables necessary to ensure that project progresses properly.


Regardless the scale of complexity of a project, ACZ Consulting refines its methodologies and processes, easily adapts to the new conditions and requirements, aiming at providing control, governance and transparency from the inception to the completion of the project.