Thanks to the rich and multi-national experience of its staff in this field, ACZ Consulting  has a deep expertize in the field of technical assistance for the implementation of ESI Funds co-funded Programmes.

Our services cover all ESI Funds with a particular accent on the following procedures:

  • arrangements and organization of aid schemes for enterprises, including state-aid legislation related aspects;
  • drafting of calls and guidelines for applicants;
  • support to the assessment of funding applications;
  • programme monitoring procedures and systems, and particular monitoring arrangements for key/strategic projects;
  • expenditure plans to guarantee the highest absorption of EU resources;
  • financial management procedures, including reporting of expenditure to the European Commission;
  • first level control and audit procedures;
  • manuals and procedures for the eligibility of expenditure;
  • organization and monitoring of the implementation of the horizontal principles within the programme: non-discrimination, gender equality, sustainable development, innovation;
  • arrangements and procedures to guarantee the multi-level governance and partnership levels required by the ESI Funds Regulations;
  • support to the setting up and management and evaluation of financial instruments;
  • introduction and management of the simplified cost options within the Programmes

For each of these fields, ACZ Consulting and its staff have also developed high level training and coaching programs for officials of Managing Authorities, Certification Authorities, Audit authorities and Intermediate bodies.